2019 Information and Class Dates

True Colours Dog Training 2019

Hi True Colours Trainers. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and a lovely break over the warmer months.

Of course, if you want to keep the momentum going with your training or put a particular area of training on project status over summer, you can contact me to book in a private session.



Private Tuition

There will be no change in the fees for Private tuition.

30 minute session will be $50.

45 minute session will be $75

Longer sessions will be $100 per hour.




Karen Pryor Certification

The Karen Pryor Academy is an organisation founded by the inventor of Clicker training.

In July this year, I am proud to say that I (with Squizzy’s help) successfully completed the Karen Pryor Dog Trainer Professional Program and am certified as a Training Partner with Karen Pryor Academy.


This is a highly regarded qualification that required over 12 months of study, dedication and training to achieve.

As a CTP I am bound by a pledge to train both people and dogs using positive, science based methods.

If you would like more information visit the website, karenpryoracademy.com

You will find many other courses available and useful information to help with your training.



Classes will be sold in packages of 3 classes, so that you can commit to classes within a reasonable planning timeframe.


There will be 4 packages Summer,Autumn, Winter and Springtraining priced at $90 each.

If you cannot commit to a package, casual attendance can be booked if a place is available. Cost will be $40 for a casual class.


You will notice that there is a short break between the packages. Particularly over the wetter months, when a lot of class cancellations occurred this year. There is also a gap in April as I am away for my daughter’s wedding.


Change of Class Names and Programming.

At the moment we have several dog and handler teams at the Intermediate stage of training and few beginners. So the Intermediates will have 2 classes, 1 at 6pm and 1 at 7.30pm. I have renamed the classes Agility Skills class to reflect the work and focus of the class.

Classes will be held on Thursday evenings. Each class will be fortnightly. The skill level will be tailored to the participants at the time.


Agility Skills 1  at 6-7pm

Agility Skills 2  at 7.30-8pm

I am renaming the Masters Class to Advanced Handling Class to encourage those competitors competing in Excellent and onwards to join and work on skills that are required in today’s Excellent level courses. Novice Triallers will remain the same.


Advanced Handling Class (was Masters Class) 6-7pm

Novice Triallers 7.30-8.30pm


If the class is cancelled due to weather or my unavailability, you will receive a refund for the amount of $30.


Payment for each package is due 1 week prior to the first class.

You will receive an invoice with bank details. If you pay using the button on the invoice, I can refund straight to your card.

Casual class payments can be made at the time of training.

Payment can be made via EFTPOS, Bank Transfer or Cash.

Receipts will be sent to your email or as an SMS.


Summer Packages $90(*Note I am away first 2 weeks of April)

Advanced Handling 6pm and Novice Triallers 7.30pm

March 7th

March 21st

April 18th


Agility Skills1 6pm and Agility Skills 2 7.30pm

March 14th

March 28th

April 24th(This is a Wednesday night to avoid Anzac Day holiday)


Autumn Packages $90

Advanced Handling 6pm and Novice Triallers 7.30pm

May 2nd

May 16th

May 30th


Agility Skills1 6pm and Agility Skills 2 7.30pm

May 9th

May 23rd

June 6th


Winter Packages $90

Advanced Handling 6pm and Novice Triallers 7.30pm

June 13th

June 27th

July 11th


Agility Skills1 6pm and Agility Skills 2 7.30pm

June 20th

July 4th

July 18th


Spring Packages $90

Advanced Handling 6pm and Novice Triallers 7.30pm

September 5th

September 19th

October 3rd


Agility Skills1 6pm and Agility Skills 2 7.30pm

September 12th

September 26th

October 10th


Other Classes and Training

I am looking for suggestions for special classes to schedule this year.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to focus on, let me know.

Some ideas are

Short course in Trick Training

Contacts training or proofing.

Weave Proofing (maybe Weave and Contact proofing together)

Keep Calm course

Agility Games training

Handling, focusing on new handling techniques.

Also let me know what days and times would suit you for a special class.



I have polo tops in stock. They are priced at cost of $40 each.

Embroidery on the back is “Positively True” or “Our Hearts Beat True”

If you would like your own catch phrase embroidered that has the word True in it and demonstrates the spirit of positive training and teamwork, I can order for you.

The business logo is not on the top, so you can wear anywhere without breaking any rules.

If you would like to order a polo top or vest to wear, just send an email.


Thank you

Thank you for your support last year and I hope that you will continue to train and improve with True Colours, while building a wonderful relationship with your dog.

I look forward to working with you and your dog again in 2019.


Sharon Bronwyn Taylor

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

True Colours Dog Training


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